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Dining in Monterey

The diversity of culinary styles and genres in the area present the diner with countless opportunities to tease and expand their palate morning, noon and well into the late evening. An abundance of locally procured ingredients and a year-round growing season set the stage for truly unforgettable dining, noshing and wanton sampling. Wherever you find interesting food in Monterey County, you're going to find great wine. The viticulture in the area is world-renowned and makes every meal an opportunity to challenge even the most refined olfactory skills and palates. Bon appetit!

Options you should not overlook!

  • Little Napoli - Enjoy a brief trip to Italy when you dine at Little Napoli!  
  • Palucca Tratoria - Let Chef Sal Tedesco give you an unforgettable waterfront dining experience! Located on the famous Fisherman's Wharf, it is also the location of a favorite coffee shop for the ladies of HBO's Big Little Lies!
  • Rancho Cielo -  Dining with Rancho Cielo is not only a lavish experience, but a great cause!  Give at-risk youth a chance to show their skills to prepare for a successful career in Monterey County's Hospitality Industry. This would be a great location for a Corporate Sustainable Responsibility Dinner!
  • Happy Girl Kitchen - A great option for a grab and go lunch or boxed lunch, Happy Girl Kitchen is an amazing vegetarian option for local, organic eats.