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INFLUENCER - Summer Weather on the Wharf
Let’s start by saying I didn’t do a great job packing from Monterey. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I’m used to February beach weather being cold, windy, and damp. Visiting Monterey, I was
INFLUENCER - See Monterey: A Day in Carmel
I don't know that I've ever fallen so hard and so fast for a new place as I did with Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. It's a place I've always been a little curious about, based on the name alone, and I
INFLUENCER - Where to Eat + Drink in Monterey
We’ve said it numerous times on our blog and Instagram, and we’ll say it again. We LOVE to eat. Wherever we’re traveling we try to find the best spots to dine, and this last trip to Monterey was no
INFLUENCER - See Monterey: Monterey Bay Aquarium
The last time I went to an aquarium was about a year ago, and as a pretty casual tourist, I tend to stroll and amble and wander around establishments like this rather than making a beeline for the