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INFLUENCER- Weekend Getaway to Monterey, CA
It’s really no wonder why California is a top vacation destination. The moment you surround yourself with our feel good weather and see all the nature it attracts you can’t help but feel good. One of
INFLUENCER- One Weekend in Monterey with Kids
This past weekend we drove 5 hours up the coast to Monterey for Mother’s Day weekend. We’re pretty lucky to have a child who oddly loves to take car rides, but we do keep a handful of healthy snacks
INFLUENCER- Monterey Day Trip
Here in the Bay Area we're pretty lucky to be surrounded by amazing natural beauty. Stunning beaches, towering redwoods, snow capped mountains, rolling hills, lush forests, natural hot springs... all
INFLUENCER- Amazing Weekend in Monterey
Monterey Bay is one of my favorite places to visit. Ever. My kids love road trips and luckily, one to Monterey is a short one. Once I announced where we were going, Birdie packed up her backpack and
INFLUENCER- Our Family Getaway to Monterey
As a native Californian, I have fond childhood memories of visiting Monterey Bay with my family. The sparkling navy blue ocean with waves rolling in, cold wind whipping through my hair, watching seals
INFLUENCER- 15 Things To Do In Monterey CA + Giveaway
If you’ve been following along, you already know that Monterey is one of our favorite areas in California. The city of Monterey gives you the comfort of a city with easy access to the best ocean views