Happy Summer!

Thank you to all who were able to join us for our Annual Luncheon and all the sponsors who made the event wonderful. We enjoyed it and I hope you did too.  Next up:  Our 2012-2013 Business Plan Launch, July 31, 2012.  Watch your in-box for an invitation and be sure to join us to get your copy of the plan hot off the presses.

Last month we promised to share our newly adopted Strategic Plan.  This plan includes a new vision, mission, organizational values and strategic objectives that drive our initiatives throughout the year. 


Inspire the world to experience our extraordinary destination 


Drive business growth through compelling marketing & sales initiatives that maximize the benefits of tourism to our guests and members 


Integrity - we will at all times be trustworthy, honest and do what we say we're going to do

Strategic- our plans will be an efficient and clearly defined road map to achieve the targeted goals of the organization 

Visionary- we will develop, share and inspire others to realize our ideal future 

Leadership- we will define our vision and advocate for it allowing our guests and members to benefit from our destination marketing and sales efforts

Accountability- we will be responsible for our results, actions and words


Passionate- we will create success using passion about our profession and achieving results

Strategic Priorities:

Create a consistent and dynamic marketing message

  • We will use our iconic and differentiating experiences to create compelling desire from our customers to choose our destination.

Invest in market opportunities

  • MCCVB will invest in markets with the strongest propensity to drive business growth including maintenance of strong markets and new investment in emerging ones.

Increase customer dialogue to grow market share

  • MCCVB will have ongoing dialogue with our customers to increase loyalty, create destination ambassadors and consistently improve market share and the effectiveness of our marketing & sales initiatives.

Strengthen relationships with our community through inclusion, transparency and accountability

  • Through outreach, education and personal experiences we will communicate our business plan, its initiatives and goals and our progress toward them.

Build a high performance talent culture that attracts and maintains strong leadership

  • MCCVB will recruit and retain experienced, innovative and successful talent to its Board and Staff to ensure our destination reaches and exceeds its potential economic and social benefit from tourism.