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Visitor Center Drives Business Through the Winter
The Visitor Center team was hard at work this winter season letting all walk-in visitors know, It's On in Monterey County! In December, 38% of walk-in traffic was convinced to stay longer in the
Winter Hours at the Visitor Center
Winter hours at the Visitor Information Center go into effect today! Your friendly Visitor Services team will be greeting walk-in visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and encouraging them to stay in
Paul's Slide Is Open!
Paul's Slide in Big Sur is open, with 35 miles of Highway 1 open to the public from the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge closure south to Gorda. It is accessible via the Pfeiffer Canyon Trail in the north, or
Visitor Services Scores
This year, the Visitor Services team assisted almost 100,000 walk-in guests, influenced almost 94,000 room nights and contributed to an economic impact of $31.3 million. These are customers directed
The Pfeiffer Canyon Trail is Open!
The half-mile hike to the southern end of Big Sur is open and visitors have been making their way to businesses and sites daily. In partnership with the Big Sur Recover Task Force and Sur
Visitor Services
The Visitor Services Team at the Monterey Visitors Center kicked off the New Year by influencing 55% of visitors to stay longer with accommodation referrals and booking assistance. In the month of