Author: Tavia Carlson, Big Brave Nomad

Hello! We’re the Carlsons! A U.S. Military family of 4 traveling the world anytime our leave gets approved. We’ve trekked 23 countries and 36 U.S. States with kids in tow!

I am here to help you whether you’re traveling for the first time or the hundredth time; with 1 baby or 10 kids. Whoever you are, you’re welcome here! If you ever have questions, reach out and we can help!

The Perfect Weekend in Monterey for Families

California offers so many diverse environments and activities, but only Monterey offers it all in one place. It’s time to write your family a permission slip and head over for the perfect weekend in Monterey county. Here...

The Perfect Itinerary for a Field Trip to Monterey

Monterey County is large and offers so many outdoor activities for any skill level or interest. It is the perfect destination for your family’s next adventure. Every #montereyfieldtrip will be filled with relaxation,...

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