This summer the Golden State Theatre in downtown Monterey showcases three amazing films and speakers from National Geographic Live. Learn more about the film series here.

1. To do some "arm chair traveling" in the comfortable Golden State Theatre and see amazing photos and videos...before you go on your own safari!

2. To learn on June 16th how National Geographic Live Explorer Steve Winters gets up close to tigers, snow leopards, jaguars and other big cats to take his amazing photos!

3. To find out what we need to do to save the big cats of the world.

4. To take a photo in front of a giant tiger (paper) with Explorer Steve Winter in the beautiful lobby of the Golden State Theatre.

5. To hear National Geographic Live Explorer Brian Skerry on July 21st share about some of his 10,000 underwater ocean stories.

6. To learn the latest information from Explorer Brian Skerry about issues that currently endanger our oceans and its inhabitants

7. To learn more and see fascinating photos from National Geographic Explorer Live Jodi Cobb on August 18th about some of the hidden cultures that exist today around the planet.

8. To see Explorer Jodi Cobb's rare images of Japan's secret Geisha culture.

9. To find out how these three Explorers were hired by National Geographic.

10. To learn some tips about taking great photos from all four National Geographic Explorers.

Tickets to each show start at $25. Click here to purchase.