"If you get nothing better out of the world, get a good dinner out of it, at least.” This quote by Herman Melville (also author of Moby Dick) sparked what is now one of Monterey’s newest dining establishments, Melville Tavern.

The brick building at A.G. Davi Court on Washington Street is just a façade of the charm and comfort foods awaiting you inside. The wood laden floors and maroon painted walls play up the tavern’s old timey décor which makes you feel as though have stepped inside a secret British pub. Antique books and frames scatter the walls which eventually opens up to spacious kitchen and charming brick oven where the true star of the show is cooked up.

Melville Tavern Melville Tavern Melville Tavern

There are many reasons to love this new eatery but here are a few to get started.

1.    Comfort Food with a Twist of Sophistication

The self-described “Creative American Food” menu is exactly that. American classics like burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and salads are available all with their very own tasty spin. The sophisticated gastropub dons a juicy lamb burger complete with hunks of melted feta cheese and refreshing yogurt sauce while the fall-of-the-bone pork shoulder is accompanied by irresistible creamy polenta.

Lamb Burger at Melville Tavern Pork Shank & Polenta at Melville Tavern

2.    Friendly Atmosphere

The expansive bar and cozy set up creates the perfect ambiance for get-togethers with old friends while making new ones. Locals have taken notice of the casual and friendly atmosphere since opening late 2015 while welcoming visitors into their lair. The outdoor patio is a bonus and uber-popular during weekend brunch.

Melville Tavern Melville Tavern

3.    Beer and Wine of the Week

$4 beers are hard to come by, especially after Happy Hour. Melville Tavern not only serves a $4 beer all day long but it’s actually a delicious one at that. Each week the tavern rotates a weekly beer and wine special where a specialty beer such as Long Board and Deschutes are served for $4 and a house glass of wine is $6. For those looking for something else, the tavern also has quite the expansive beer and wine menu sure to wet your appetite.

Melville Tavern Melville Tavern

4.    Great Value

Aside from an unbeatable beer of the week, the tavern also hosts a Happy Hour offered weekdays from 4pm-6:30pm serving up appetizers ranging from $4 to $7. The mushroom quesadilla and fried artichokes are particularly tasty! Entrée options also come at a steal for both lunch and dinner starting at $10.95 for a gourmet, and filling, meal.

Mushroom Quesadilla at Melville Tavern Fried Artichokes at Melville Tavern