Watch out Carmel-by-the-Sea, there is a new joint in town unlike any other! The masterminds behind Carmel hotspots Aubergine and Cantinetta Luca have concocted yet another praiseworthy restaurant. 400 Degrees is Carmel’s one and only gourmet burger and fries restaurant in a town known for its upscale menus and prices. Hearing so much buzz about this place I just had to check it out for myself. Entrance to 400 Degrees Interior of 400 Degrees The cozy brick exterior is inviting and once inside I felt like I had been transported into a high-end ‘50s style diner. A mix of checker board tiles and stainless steel covered the walls while red stools lined the back tables. I particularly liked the light fixtures in the building which added a touch of contemporary. Soon enough my gaze was stolen by the menu above the red tiled counter. They offered everything I was hoping for, burgers, fries, coleslaw, shakes, floats and even beer, wine and house made sodas! Interior of 400 Degrees Chefs grilling behind the 400 Degrees counter Then it was time for some tough decisions. Trying to watch my figure I opted for a healthier alternative. I went with the Albacore Tuna Burger. I even went as far as to order it on a lettuce wrap rather than a freshly baked bun. I was really hoping I didn’t regret this decision being at a burger joint! Interior of 400 Degrees Sergio explains how to purchase food and play games with the touch screen tablet I sat down with my other two pals and was surprised to see a touch screen tablet at the table. Before I could get too caught up in the new found gadget friendly staffer Sergio came over to explain how the device worked. He told us we could order additional items from the menu straight from the tablet and could even play games. What an ingenious way to keep kids entertained! Albacore Tuna Burger served in a lettuce wrap After toying around with the tech toy for a few minutes the food arrived and I began to salivate over the scrumptious items on the table. My tuna burger looked awesome! A huge slab of tuna was slathered in a perfect combo of sweet chili slaw and wasabi-lime spread. After meticulously wrapping the fish in the lettuce wrap I took a bite. The wasabi had just the right amount of kick and the coleslaw added just the amount of crunch needed for the juicy tuna steak. I must say I was pretty bummed when I had cleaned my plate. 400 Degrees Wedge Salad One of my dining partners ordered the 400 Degree Wedge. This thing was huge! A hearty dose of crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes, smoked bacon bits and crispy onions sat over a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce. I was shocked that this monstrosity only cost $8.95! The Kobe Burger is to die for! My other pal David went for the whole shebang and splurged on “The Kobe.” Wow did this thing look tasty! The airy bun was coated in smoked cheddar cheese, potato chips, grilled onions and a special 400 Degrees spread. Did I mention the meat? The large Kobe beef patty dominated the sandwich. David took a bite and it appeared that he had been transported into bliss. I tried my luck at snagging a bite and failed, he wasn’t going to let a drop of the ambrosial treat out of his sight. Apparently the burger was so juicy that it didn’t even require extra condiments. Looking for some carbs I swiped one of David’s onion rings when he wasn’t looking. Yummo! The beer batter goodness was light and airy while providing all the grease that I had been craving. Unfortunately we were all too stuffed to even peek at the “Sweets” menu. I would have loved to have placed an order (or two) for one their luscious treats on the handy touch screen tablet. I guess there is always next time when I hope to test our their awesome outdoor patio! 400 Degrees is located on the corner of Mission and Seventh Street in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Hours are Sunday-Thursday from 11am-10pm and Friday-Saturday from 11am-11am. View Larger Map