It starts with:
 “I need a vacation.”


It continues with:
“Let’s go to the Monterey Peninsula!”

And then:
 … the experience unfolds.


Monterey County guarantees beautiful scenery, delicious food, lots of smiling greetings, and plenty of things to do, but how you experience these offerings is largely up to you.

The Key:

A vacation that delivers just-what-you-need does not come from just lining-up the plans— it comes from clarifying your intention. There is a distinction between Intention – how you show up – and Goal – what you do.

 Here’s the deal about intention:

  • Intention primes the brain to look for opportunities to fulfill it – like a GPS system, it sets our attention on where we want to go.
  • Intention guides mind, action and response.
  • Intention comes from your highest self – it is sourced in what you value.
  • Intention is renewable in every moment. For example, if your intention is to be kind but you find yourself being a little cranky, you can, in the very next moment, have a “do over” and bring a little more caring and compassion into the world.


Giving attention to your intention for your vacation helps you access what you need and find what you’re looking for.

AND, a conversation with your traveling companion about the intentions each of you have can eliminate many misunderstandings… making it a much better trip for everyone.

5 Questions that Help You Clarify Intention:

  • Who is the vacation for? – You? Your partner? The kids? The family?
  • What does that person(s) need most? – Rest? Excitement? Adventure? Space? Connection?
  • What supports the fulfillment of this need? – Pace? Specific environments? Activity/Non-activity?
  • What feelings do you want to take home? – Rested? Inspired? Loved/Loving? Satiated? Peaceful?
  • Is there a permission that you need to make choices that support your intention?—e.g., It’s ok to do or not to do.

It’s that simple... and it’s worth time of thought and conversation. Chances are, you’ll find yourself having a vacation filled with inspiring moments – one that leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

Monterey Bay Meditation

If you have an intention of feeling more connected with yourself, others and the world around you…check-out the offerings of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio. There, you will find drop-in sessions, retreats and workshops intentionally developed to cultivate “Being Aware and Being Kind.”