Here are just a few reasons to put this new and improved information center on your list of attractions to visit in order to fully make the most of your Monterey County getaway.

Monterey Visitors Center

1.    See how you can grab life by the moments

The Monterey Visitors Center showcases some of the most incredible moments to experience all around Monterey County. From hiking at Pinnacles National Park to wine tasting in Carmel Valley to exploring the Big Sur coastline, the walls in the center are sure to excite.

Monterey Visitors Center

2.    Touch screen monitor

The Visitors Center touch screen monitor allows visitors to research activities and book their stay with ease. Visit to get more information on the best activities and events in the area.

Monterey Visitors Center

3.    Capture the spirit and history of Monterey

Monterey County has a long and rich history that make it a unique destination. In fact, the Visitors Center was once the French Consulate adobe when Monterey was the capital of California. To highlight Monterey’s wonderful local heritage the Visitors Center features quotes from notable authors like John Steinbeck and Robinson Jeffers that found their muse in Monterey County.

Monterey Visitors Center

4.    Get a room!

No but really, stop by the Visitors Center where for all of the tools you need to make sure you have the perfect place to stay. Lodging information, a phone specifically for booking, a helpful Visitors Center staff and tons of information on what to do during your stay are all available. Swing by and book an accommodation type perfect for your needs.

Monterey Visitors Center

5.    Friendly staff with tailored tips

The Visitors Center staff is ready and eager to assist you with all of your travel needs while in Monterey County. Whether you need to book a last minute hotel room, get the inside scoop on where the locals eat, or get directions to “must see” attractions, the helpful hands in the center are at your beck and call. Be sure to also ask about special coupons and discounts!

The Visitors Center is conveniently located off of Del Monte Street at 401 Camino El Estero in Monterey. See you soon!