2018 was full of epic photos taken by our team and our incredible visitors capturing everything from special events to amazing coastal views to iconic attractions. Below is a round-up of our 10 most popular Instagram photos throughout the year. Which is your favorite?

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1. Big Sur Coastline- Posted on 2/25/18 from @avid_outdoors365

2. Fall at Earthbound Farms- Posted on 10/12/18 from @SeeMonterey

3. Sea Otter Pup- Posted on 4/13/18 from @MontereyBayAquarium

4. Crashing Waves- Posted on 6/8/18 from @SeeMonterey

5. Cannery Row- Posted on 1/21/18 from @m.u.na

6. Monterey Rainbow- Posted on 1/4/18 from @jesse_kincaid

7. Moon Rising- Posted on 2/1/18 from @photobycoon

8. Lover's Point- Posted on 9/12/18 from @kristintempleman

9. Pacific Grove Wildflowers- Posted on 5/2/18 from @SeeMonterey

10. Point Lobos- Posted on 2/15/18 from @SeeMonterey