Update: Highway One is now 100% open throughout Monterey County. Read this post for more information. Good news! The Rocky Creek portion of Highway One located between Carmel and Big Sur will re-open on Saturday, April 16. However, times of travel will still be restricted.

Rocky Creek: Open daily for limited hours as of April 16!

The Rocky Creek section of Highway One will re-open in both directions on Saturday, April 16 at 5pm and remain open until Sunday, April 17 at 8am. From April 17 until the highway is repaired, the Rocky Creek section will be open from 8pm until 8am. The Rocky Creek section of Highway One is located twelve miles south of Carmel's Rio Road. Caltrans reports that "one-way reversing traffic control will be in effect," which means that first a set of cars will be allowed through in one direction, and then a set of cars will be allowed through in the other.

Alder Creek: Closed until mid-May

The Alder Creek section of Highway One, located 6.8 miles north of the Monterey County/San Luis Obispo County line and about three miles south of Gorda, is closed due to a land slide. The most recent update from Caltrans indicates that this section will not re-open until May 15.

All businesses in Big Sur are open!

Big Sur's hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, state parks and hiking trails are all open for business. Don't miss this chance to enjoy Big Sur's best season!