It’s that time of year again when people flock to the Monterey Bay area to play in the mud. The Big Sur Mud Run attracts participants from all over for a five mile race that includes slogging through mud pits, leaping over walls and getting mud splashed in your face! This year the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau is lucky enough to have two staffers on opposing teams participating in this out-of-the-ordinary race. We interviewed both Kimberly Jenkins and John David Van Kirk to find out why they choose to participate in the race and learn a little bit about their teams, what they are looking forward to and what’s in it for the winner. Why the Big Sur Mud Run? This is Systems Administrator Kimberly’s second year competing in the Big Sur Mud Run. Kim participated in the gritty race two years ago and had a blast. She tried to run last year, but the individual race sold out and she couldn’t find enough other enthusiastic racers to make up a team. Luckily, this year several of her friends wanted to compete and she joined their all female team. Kim wasn’t going to miss it again. She spent the past year talking it up to her friends. Several decided they wanted to compete and asked her to be on their all-female team. Communications Coordinator John David Van Kirk is in it for the fun. “The Big Sur Mud Run is not your typical marathon or running event. Plus you get to roll around in the mud and drink beer at the end!” he says. How can you argue with a quote like that? Teams Kimberly is competing with her cronies from college; one is a local, two are from Sacramento and one is coming all the way from Las Vegas! The powerful female team plans to coordinate their look with neon clothing and accessories. John David’s opposing team is made up of two males and three females, two of whom are locals, two from King City and one from Napa Valley. They are a little less organized and have yet to figure out what they will be wearing. John David is hoping to figure it out by Friday night. We hope so too! What are they looking forward to? Kimberly is looking forward to dominating the big hill during the middle of the race. “It’s a doozy of a hill and is nice to have it in hindsight.” Kim is also excited to have her family there for encouragement. Her cheerleaders will consist of her parents, sister, brother-in-law and adorable one-year old nephew. Aside from an alcoholic beverage, John David is looking forward to hopping over other participants in the mud pit and showing off his mad push-up skills. Goals Kimberly strives to clobber John David’s team and to finish the entire race under an hour. She is also hoping that, since there’s a later start time for teams, the obstacles won’t get as congested. John David’s main goal is to beat Kimberly’s team. What’s up for stakes? Kimberly and John David have made a friendly bet that the person on the team that finishes last has to buy the other staffer a round of drinks at Post No Bills. Follow our racers! Will Kimberly and her team complete the race in under an hour? Will John David get his celebratory beer at the finish line? Who will be buying drinks at Post No Bills next week? Come back on Tuesday, when we'll post photos of them competing in the Big Sur Mud Run, find out how they did and ask whether they are willing to do it again next year!