Update: Highway One is now 100% open throughout Monterey County. Read this post for more information. Highway One is now open for motor vehicles in the south — and there's never been a better time to bike down to Big Sur from the north.

Alder Creek now open!

Good news for those traveling to Big Sur from the south! The Alder Creek area of Highway One is now open from 7am to 7pm. Any visitors coming to Big Sur via Highway One in San Simeon will have unimpeded access during those hours.

Rocky Creek: pedestrian and cyclist access

The Rocky Creek section of Highway One is currently under construction — see the great photos on BigSurKate's blog. Residents and visitors may pass over this section of Highway One on foot or on bicycle at 7am and at 4pm daily.

Cyclists: visit Big Sur now!

For cyclists, the Rocky Creek closure has led to an unexpected bonus: a nearly automobile-free stretch of Highway One from Rocky Creek to Big Sur. If you are a cyclist that has always wanted to bike this section of Highway One, there's no better time to spend a day there. Arrive at the Rocky Creek area a few minutes before 7am. You'll then have the highway almost completely to yourself as you ride the 15 miles down to the village area of Big Sur. Make sure you're back at the Rocky Creek area by 4pm — or better yet, book a room for the night in Big Sur and have a leisurely ride back the next afternoon.