Cannery Row Brewing Co. I am a true believer in cheeseburger therapy. I also believe that sometimes the body craves foods that deliver important nutrients like vitamins, minerals … and melted cheese. That is why in the midst of a recent craving, I headed straight for Cannery Row Brewing Company, a new restaurant and watering hole in the heart of Monterey County’s historic Cannery Row. Beer menu at Cannery Row Brewing Co. The epic beer list at Cannery Row Brewing Company. This joint has a beer list as long as your arm – a staggering 73 of them on tap. None of them are brewed on site, although several beers are custom-brewed for Cannery Row Brewing Company. If beer's not your thing, they also have a tap for root beer and (more dangerously) one for bourbon and one for tequila. Beer taps at Cannery Row Brewing Co. It would have required a wide-angle lens to get a shot of all the taps. On the other side of the menu is a respectable offering of sustainable fare. The slate includes lettuce from local farms, hand-dipped onion rings with locally grown onions, naturally raised beef and sustainably caught seafood – which is fitting, as the nearby Monterey Bay Aquarium pioneered the Sustainable Seafood Watch. But for me, there was only one possible choice: I was here for a burger! My husband doesn’t eat mushrooms, so a Mushroom & Swiss Cheese burger was on my radar for sure. It showed up piping hot thanks to our friendly server and it was everything I wanted. The burger was hand-formed (no hockey pucks are served here) and cooked medium rare to perfection. There was no skimping on the cheese or ‘shrooms, and the bun was oh so delightful. I later found out their rolls and other baked goods arrive fresh from a local bakery every morning. Unlike my usual “Gimme fries! Lots of fries!” habit, I opted for a salad. This was not a health or hippy related decision. Getting a salad in Monterey means sinking my teeth into a quality of lettuce I’ve never experienced before. This restaurant gets their greens from nearby Andy Boy and Tanimura & Antel farms; paired with the house-made citrus vinaigrette, the salad was divine. Not in a granola way, but a “wow, this tastes like the lettuce and tomatoes are still alive” kind of way. Fireplace and outdoor patio at Cannery Row Brewing Co. Don't miss the cozy outdoor patio! Other things not to be missed at Cannery Row Brewing Company:
  • Outdoor fire pits: a great location to clink glasses and take in a different perspective of Cannery Row’s iconic structures
  • Killer brew-themed décor: from the exterior sign framed by kegs to beer bottle lighting applications and interior decorations
  • Bourbon: if you’re into it, they have more than 30 small batch Bourbons on hand
  • Happy hour Monday – Thursday: Lots of classy snacks and surprisingly fantastic food and beverage specials from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., ranging from $3-6
  • Groups: These guys do it right, I’ve dined here before with a large group and a good time was had by all. They’re also opening a private banquet room soon that seats 40.
  • Fish and Chips: Predictable pub grub, sure, but theirs is made with locally caught rock cod
  • Family Friendly: All booze aside, I’d also suggest this place to families as a happy middle ground that has honest prices, attentive service and a super laid-back atmosphere.