Chateau Julien Wine Estate As you drive up to Chateau Julien Wine Estate, you may feel as if you’ve been teleported to France. The striking main building, a replica of a home on the French/Swiss border, lives up to both the “Chateau” and “Estate” in the name. From the parking lot, a winding path leads between fragrant roses and stately trees to the imposing front door. It feels like you're on your way to making a grand entrance. This isn't just a wine tasting; it's a wine experience.

The Vibe

For the neophyte wine taster, Chateau Julien Wine Estate may look a little intimidating on the outside, like the sort of French winery where all the tasters would wear blazers with suede patches on the elbows and talk about the wine’s “legs” and its “dusty flavors of leather and tobacco.” But somehow, Bob and Patty Brower have created an environment that captures all the class and rich atmosphere of a French chateau without any of the potential snobbery. The path to Chateau Julien Wine Estate The moment you walk through the door, you’ll hear the clink of wine glasses and happy chatter echoing from the great hall. It feels like you just got an invitation to a royal gala! The beautiful paintings on the walls, heavy beams along the roof, and chandeliers suspended from the ceiling all add to the sense that you’ve stepped into a historic chateau in France; there’s even a slight scent of leather and wood in the air that add to the sense of rich history.

The Tastings

The main tastings happen not at a tasting counter, but at a large, heavy table in the center of the Great Hall, staffed by friendly and well-informed tasting associates. The tasting menu generally features a mix of whites and reds and finishes out with a dessert wine. The ever-changing selection and extensive library of wines produced by Chateau Julien ensure that you’ll never have the same tasting experience twice. Chateau Julien Wine Estate

Don’t Miss This: Free Winery Tour

The can’t-miss experience at Chateau Julien is their free twice-daily tour, an experience that will make you feel like an insider. The tour, completely unique among Carmel Valley wineries, is held weekdays at 10:30am and 2:30pm and on weekends at 12:30pm and 2:30pm. You’ll learn about the history of Chateau Julien and the process of winemaking as you walk through the grand buildings and scenic vineyards, sipping wine all the way. Over the course of the tour, the guide will pour six different Chateau Julien wines. As you taste the latest vintages amongst the barrels fermenting in the Chai, you may feel a little like a winemaker yourself! Chateau Julien Wine Estate

The Wines

Chateau Julien offers several different lines of wine. The flavors range from the food-friendly fruit-forward flavors of their Barrel Selected label to the intense and complex Private Reserve wines, created with cellaring in mind, to the drink-now delectableness of their specialty wines. All of the wines hold to a fine classical tradition, but with so many variations on the theme that every tasting is a fascinating exploration.

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Bring a copy of this blog post with you to Chateau Julien Wine Estate and enjoy a complimentary wine tasting, courtesy of Chateau Julien!

Wine and Cars Combine for Dine In Di-Vine

Enjoy a grand dinner in the middle of the Chateau Julien Wine Estate vineyard paired with perfect wines. Then browse antique and modern cars from Porsche, Ferrari, or Alfa Romeo, or vintage race cars and alternative energy vehicles! Dine In Di-Vine takes place during Monterey Auto Week and is the perfect way to enjoy all aspects of fine living. Book your reservation now at the Chateau Julien Wine Estate website. Chateau Julien Wine Estate 8940 Carmel Valley Road Carmel, CA 93923-9577 (831) 624-2600