From the building to the wines to the staff, Chateau Sinnet offers one of the most unique tasting experiences in Monterey County. The winery emphasizes accessible, moderately priced wines in a friendly, laid back atmosphere. The tasting menu emphasizes sweet wines sure to please the palate of the neophyte taster, with enough complex vintages for the dedicated oenophile. Chateau Sinnet If a certain Mr. Eastwood down the road wanted to make a Western film without leaving Monterey County, the exterior of Chateau Sinnet would serve as an excellent shooting location. The inside, however, skews more toward the European, with large-scale reprints of Chateau Sinnet's creative wine labels and some very impressive cuckoo clocks on the walls. A second room, decorated with reprints and recreations of fine art, offers wine accessories as well as food items perfect for a picnic. Chateau Sinnet Enthusiastic and effusive staffer Sunny prides himself on being a local resource. If you’re a local looking for a wine to pair with tonight’s home-cooked meal or a visitor looking for a wine to take to dinner, he’ll help you find the perfect bottle. The locals clearly value his help; more than one regular came in to pick up a bottle and chat with amiable staffers Sunny and Cory (winery owner Gary Sinnet’s son) during our tasting. Chateau Sinnet Chateau Sinnet’s sweet wines make it the perfect place to bring someone who's just dipping a toe into the wine world. I could tell that my twentysomething white zinfandel-drinking friend would love a number of the wines on the tasting menu; they're sweet enough that she would enjoy them and complex enough that I'd be happy to serve them to her. Sunny and Cory are so friendly that I know she'd feel welcomed rather than intimidated, as she has at other tasting rooms. Chateau Sinnet’s wines are easy-drinking and completely unique; in fact, the winery avoids chardonnay and pinot because, in Sunny's words, "everyone does that." Instead, they use traditional grapes to create unusual wines, from the enjoyable, easy-drinking Manatee white merlot (sales benefit Save the Manatees) to the very tasty six-grape blend Red Eyed Monkey. Chateau Sinnet The unique flavors continue throughout the menu. Do you like sparkling wine? Other wineries in the county might offer one, or perhaps two, but Chateau Sinnet outdoes them all by offering three distinct sparkling wines. They also offer a wide array of fruit wines, many of which would pair excellently with dessert. If you’re looking for an easy-drinking wine to take you through the summer, Chateau Sinnet is offering their 2007 Rosé on special for $7 a bottle or $60 a case! The special will last until the end of the summer or until the last case is sold. Chateau Sinnet 13746 Center Street Carmel Valley, CA 93924 831-659-2244