Attention families, budget travel seekers and salad lovers! I recently uncovered a hidden Monterey County gem, tucked away in the Bay Park Hotel near downtown Monterey. By uncovered, I mean only locals know about it. And by gem, I mean a salad bar called the Crazy Horse. Think a dining on a dime is hard to come by on vacation? Rubbish! The Crazy Horse is a salad bar with solutions. Baked potato, pre-garnish My blank canvas awaits decoration at the Crazy Horse's baked potato bar. Some of you fellow foodies may scoff at my sheer delight over this place, but it’s easy to get into the kitsch zone of this place and see why Crazy Horse is a local institution, complete with naugahyde booths, friendly service and a true “blast from the past” feeling. Like any discerning salad bar, it has all the trimmings and then some: DIY salad fixin’s, Caesar salad, pasta salad, Asian noodle salad, antipasto items...and yes, Jell-O™. A baked potato bar makes it a complete experience, with plenty of bacon, cheese and the like to make it a meal in itself. All this and Jell-o too! My haul from the salad bar, before the addition of the baked potato. And if that wasn’t enough, a generous scoop of ice cream is served after your meal. The real stuff, too. I opted for Heath Bar after agonizing over the other gourmet flavors offered. For $10 a person, this is a sure bet for families, anyone on a budget or schedule, local experience seekers, and of course those simply craving a salad while visiting Monterey County. Crazy Horse at the Bay Park Hotel 1425 Munras Avenue Monterey, CA 93940 831-649-1020