If the sleek outdoor patio and modern updated architecture don't draw you in then the craft beer inside certainly will. Located on downtown Monterey's bustling Alvarado Street, as the name implies, the Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill not only brews its own craft beer but serves up a hipster twist on comfy pub grub.

Located in the former 100 year-old Regency Theatre, the upgraded brewery digs stay true to its Old Monterey roots with vintage beer posters, rustic wine barrels and photos of Monterey that are worthy of #ThrowbackThursday. Polished stainless tanks full of delicious artisan brew sit just behind the main bar area. Dining room seating is plentiful and the open kitchen design adds to the low-key and kick-back vibe.

The craft beer menu alone is enough to put your salivary glands in jubilee. The Mai Tai IPA in particular is a tropical treat with a floral aroma that hits you before it touches your lips. The brewery even shares the love featuring a handful of other guest craft beers and wines from around the area.

Menu items were created specifically to play nice with their savory suds. Their so called "honest plates" are honest indeed with hefty portions and locally sourced ingredients. Items include fun fare you would expect to find at a pub but with a refined touch. For instance, their fries are served with a side of smoked curry spiced mussels and their mac n' cheese is topped with melted brie cheese slices and savory tasso tid bits.

The duck ham flatbread in particular perfectly blends salty and sweet with cured duck, gruyere cheese and fresh pieces of pineapple, a nice complement to their porter.

Get your greens in with the kale salad with hunks of cambozola cheese or the fried brussels sprouts that seem to burst with flavor with a luscious white cheddar finish, perfect with a Belgian ale.

For a heftier appetite, the oven roasted chicken is a win-win. The brine makes this poultry incredibly juicy and oozes with mouth-watering flavor. The accompanied beer dumplings somehow taste like Thanksgiving stuffing from the heavens with a hint of bacon. Nom nom!

Dessert isn't dessert without a side of beer! May we suggest rounding out your meal with warm beignets and a stout (or two)?