What's not to love about a new, delicious eatery- especially one situated at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove? The Beach House Restaurant is easily one of the best additions to the peninsula with one-of-a-kind views of Monterey Bay, convenient location to the Rec Trail and not to mention a killer $9.90 Sunset Supper menu served daily from 4pm-6pm.

Luckily this place is just down the street from my house which is why I waited in extreme anticipation during its renovation, which took over a year. My name was basically on their waiting list before it opened its doors in June 2013 and boy was it worth the wait!

The updated Victorian mansion, formally the Old Bath House, has a contemporary yet cozy feeling but the true décor is right outside its paned windows. Nearly every seat has a dramatic view of PG's rocky coastline, historic Victorian homes along Ocean View Boulevard and curious sea life down below.

The heated outdoor patio is also a welcomed addition with sexy fire lamps and white party lights, perfect for a romantic dinner for two. It's no surprise that is this has become my go-to watering and dining hole; you can't beat their happy hour wine and beer for $3 and bacon wrapped meatloaf for $9.90!

Recently a few of my co-workers and I were invited to my favorite hot spot to dine on a special five-course dinner menu. All ten of us were seated on the warm patio where our attention was immediately stolen by a sea otter playing down below, only in Monterey County!

One of the best things about beginning a meal at the Beach House is the bread. I am always happy to be reunited with their warm delicious manna and I often have to remind myself that there is more to come.

The first "official" course of the night was a butter poached colossal shrimp with a basil-tarragon chimichurri sauce. Two monstrous shrimp were slathered with garlic infused Argentinian pesto which, in my opinion, should be bottled up and sold into mass production.

Shortly after, an arugula and roasted beet salad was presented. The colorful dark green arugula, deep purple beets and creamy off-white goat cheese literally made me salivate. Toasted pecans gave this refreshing dish a surprising crunch with the melt-in-your-mouth goal cheese fondant.

Next up was a very generous portion of Portobello mushroom raviolis, were they aware that there were five-courses to get through? The homemade pasta was the obvious favorite amongst our table. Let's just say that not one of us left one morsel of the cognac and mascarpone cream on the plate.

Somehow we managed to save room for the final fourth and fifth courses which included a brown butter seared petrale sole and pan roasted duck breast. The sole was served with a broiled halved lemon which was superb on the decadent fish and accompanied herbed risotto.

The Maple Leaf Farm's duck breast was cooked to a medium-rare perfection! Slices of the flavorful red meat were topped with a balsamic apricot relish. The hints of dried cranberry made for a flawless sweet and savory combo.

At this point we were all about to explode and had to pass on dessert. At least we all know I will be back for more!

The Beach House is open daily at 4pm. The restaurant is also available to rent for large parties and banquets from 11am-3pm. For reservations and more information call (831) 375-2345.