Recently my friend and I decided to meet up for a casual lunch where we could take in the particularly gorgeous spring day. The C restaurant + bar was the obvious choice given its impressive panorama of the Monterey Bay, tasty and sustainable seafood menu and three hours of complimentary parking. The C restaurant + bar View of the Monterey Bay from The C restaurant + bar As soon as you enter the waterfront InterContinental The Clement Monterey you feel a sense of “comfortable luxury” that immediately puts your mind at ease. Their modern and hip vibe continues on throughout their on site kitchen and dining room, The C restaurant + bar. The C restaurant + bar The C restaurant + bar Contemporary art and neutral hues fill the main dining room and bar leaving the true showstopper to the natural beauty just out its front windows. Expansive views of the sapphire-hued Pacific Ocean and coastal ranges hugging the Monterey Bay are simply breathtaking. It was hard to focus on the menu with such a mind-numbing backdrop; luckily the aroma of rosemary woke me from my dreamy coma into the ocean’s infinity. A soft loaf of freshly baked rosemary bread was served with a side of a creamy and buttery goat cheese. Even the seagull is enjoying the view at The C restaurant + bar Rosemary bread served with goat cheese and butter spread at The C restaurant + bar My dining companion and I opted for salads, not realizing we would soon destroy our “healthy” lunch once the dangerous dessert menu was presented. We both added a side of Arctic Char which my friend, “in the know,” noted is a type of fish similar to a salmon. This particular seafood was chosen for this menu since it is listed on neighboring Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. Lunch Menu at The C restaurant + bar The arugula and roasted beet salad came complete with candied walnuts, sweet purple grapes, soft goat cheese and vanilla bean vinaigrette. This mix was the perfect combination of sweet, savory and crunchy, perfect for a warm spring day. The Arctic Char looked and tasted just like salmon, moist, flaky and full of flavor! The spices on the salmon doppelganger popped with the accompanied tastes from the creamy cheese and sweet beets. Arugula and roasted beet salad with grilled Arctic Char at The C restaurant + bar We thought we were done with our meal until the dessert menu arrived and were tempted with things like the hazelnut crunch bar and manjari chocolate fondue until we finally splurged on The Clement Sundae. The C restaurant + bar Not one, not two but three “mini” sundaes were presented on one lengthy plate. Each sundae was completely unique with gelato flavors ranging from Lebanese yogurt, Valrhona chocolate to pistachio. The varied textures from the accompanied sauces made this dish exceptionally noteworthy. Sweet Lebanese yogurt gelato was slathered in a thick gooey honey called Calvados sauce, an apple brandy mixed with brown sugar. The chocolate gelato was sprinkled in crunchy Almond Rocha and drizzled in heavenly chocolaty fudge, perfect for the side of caramelized bananas. The pistachio gelato had surprise chunks of pistachio nut that were blanketed by a dark purple compote sauce that allowed blueberries to literally burst in your mouth. Let’s just say this splurge of a dish was worth the extra calories! The Clement Sundae at The C restaurant + bar The Clement Sundae at The C restaurant + bar