Every week we pick a newly submitted photo from the Flickr Group "See Monterey- Beautiful Photos of Monterey County." This week's winner is "Ghost Tree 17 Mile Drive" submitted by Paul Streit. Ghost tree 17 mile drive Pebble Beach's famed Ghost Tree is located at Pescadero Point along the prestigious 17 Mile Drive. The mystical tree is a popular photo opp along the breathtaking coastal drive. Visitors are drawn to its eerie bleached white branches with the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop. Ghost Tree is also well-known among the surfer community for its massivly perfect waves. Unfortunately the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration banned personal watercraft in the area, and since it was a tow-in spot surfers can’t surf here anymore. Check out this gnarly video of tow-in surfing at Ghost Tree in 2008. Do you have an amazing shot of Monterey County that you think is worthy of "Flickr Photo of the Week?" Submit your photo to our Flickr Group and you just might get picked!