Three of the top 10 bike rides on our list of the Top 10 Bike Rides in Monterey County take place on Fort Ord Public Lands. It's also got some of the best hiking in the area. Fort Ord view to Salinas Despite the raves, however, a visit to Fort Ord Public Lands can feel almost like a solitary excursion, as if you and a select few others have the entire space to yourselves. Could it be that Fort Ord Public Lands is one of Monterey County's best-kept secrets? A downhill trail It could be that many visitors confuse it with the oceanside Fort Ord Dunes State Park. While Fort Ord Dunes State Park has its own magnificence, only one trail runs through it, and it's but four miles long. Fort Ord Public Lands also has ocean views, but they require quite a climb. A view of the ocean - and Lovers Point Fort Ord also has some phenomenal, scrub-lined canyons and cliffs. This is a distant view; take a hike at Fort Ord to get a better view. Distant views at Fort Ord Want to see more photos of Fort Ord Public Space? Take a look at our Flickr set. Then go out and take some shots of your own!