The SeeMonterey newsletter for March features the top 10 snapshot spots in Monterey County, as determined by a combination of input by local photographers, comments from visitors, and the photo subjects we most frequently see in the SeeMonterey photo pool on Flickr. As with any Top 10 list, however, hard choices had to be made. Our picks have led to debates among our staff and will probably be debated by our readers as well. Below are some photos of spots that almost made our list. Asilomar State Beach Day 220 of 365 Day 220 of 365 by Rob Weiher Photographer Michael Troutman of DMT Imaging says that Asilomar is one of his favorite photo spots. "It's a really great place to watch the waves come in, to watch the surfers," he says, and notes that it has great "tide pools for macro photography." It's also a great place "to photograph a beautiful, beautiful sunset," he says, something that has worked out well for him professionally as well as aesthetically. "One of my best selling photos was one I shot at Asilomar last August. It was dramatic — like something you'd see in the Southwest," he says. Point Sur Point Sur Point Sur by Refractionless / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Rachael Short listed Point Sur in her list of top 10 iconic snapshot spots. The huge volcanic rock with the lighthouse on top is certainly an eye-catching sight on the drive down Highway One. Is it more iconic than Bixby Bridge or McWay Falls? The "It's Happening in Soledad" sign It's Happening in Soledad It's Happening in Soledad by Kelan Champagne The "It's Happening In Soledad" sign, which references the Pinnacles National Monument and the Soledad Mission, was named the number one Highway 101 landmark by Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle. It has been featured on two separate T-shirts (here and here). It has its own Yelp page. There's even a band named after it. There's no doubt the "It's Happening in Soledad" sign is a fixture in the minds of those who take Highway 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but can a billboard rival the locations in our Top 10 for scenic beauty? Cannery Row overpasses Cannery Row Company, Monterey Canning Co. Cannery Row Company, Monterey Canning Co. by Troy Holden / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Some of the walkways that arc over Cannery Row date back to the neighborhood's heyday as the epicenter of the sardine canning industry. Shots like this capture the area's past as well as its present as a tourist center. What iconic snapshot spots in Monterey County that you feel we missed? Give us your feedback in the comments here, and share photos of your iconic Monterey County snapshot spots in our Flickr photo group.