In the early years of the Ghost Walk of Old Monterey we opened a retail store. Within one month our store was broken into and most of our merchandise was stolen. The next morning Monterey’s finest CSI was there scouring the place for fingerprints and clues as to who may have done this. Patiently we waited for word from the police that our thief had been caught or at least the clues were being processed. We got into the habit of contacting and questioning the police about this crime, when much to our dismay, it happened again!

Finally I received a message from the head detective who went on to say that they had an alarm go off the night before at the Miller Adobe that adjoins the Guerterrez Adobe just across the street from the police station. Because of recent burglars the detective and night sergeant responded within seconds. They entered the back gate of the Miller Adobe and shined their lights into the upstairs bedroom to find a man staring back at them. The man suddenly turned and ran across the room and through the door in the bedroom. The two officers thinking they had caught their man immediately split up, one went to the front door and one stayed in back covering both exits to the building. Calling for back up, most of the on duty force was there in minutes. Finally the lawyer who had the keys to the building arrived on the scene. With flashlights blazing and guns pulled they entered the small adobe and found no one.

The detective was calling to see if I knew of any paranormal events associated with the old adobe that may have helped explain what the men saw. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed to think that our neighborhood burglar may be a ghost!

Jaquine Guertterez was a common solider who was given a small town lot for his service in the military. He married a wild and wooly woman from the Estrada family who bore for him fifteen children in his small home. One of his daughters married a man by the name of John Miller who built his house right next to his father-in-law's house. After becoming terminally ill, John Miller took his own life in the adobe. Could this have been the ghost of Old Man Miller the police saw that evening?

One evening on my tour, before I could even begin telling this story, a woman who claimed to have paranormal abilities asked me who that man was standing in the window. When I looked up she claims he ran across the room through the bedroom door.

On another occasion, I was giving a tour to a wonderful couple when a night sergeant stopped me at the downtown bus plaza. I was surprised to find that this officer simply wanted to share a recent experience. The officer went on to explain that an alarm had also gone off inside the building. One car with a single man parked near the front of the old home and a unit with two men parked near the rear. Our officer and his partner entered the back garden only to find as he said "an old fisherman type who look about ninety percent solid." The two officers chased this old ghost around the adobe and nearby garden. His partner event lunged forward to try and tackle it by the ankles. The old fisherman ghost slipped right through his grasp and the officer fell to his elbows. The two men proceeded to chase the ghost out through the front gate and down the front of the house. When the third officer came into view they claim the old fisherman just dissipated into thin air. The third officer saw two of Monterey's finest officers chasing nothing!

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