Every few weeks, we throw our intrepid intern into Monterey County's deep end on an area activity adventure — usually one she's never done before. If you are looking to recreate memories of being a carefree little kid during this holiday season, Ice Skating by the Bay is the place to start. It reminded me of when I was 10 or 11 at a birthday party, with all my friends skating around as fast we could, falling without any worries, laughing and having fun. Untitled Untitled by Rob Weiher, from Flickr. When I first got onto the ice I was nervous about how many times I was going to fall, since I haven't gone ice skating for 6 or 7 years. Even then I was not an avid skater; just for birthday parties or with a few friends. As I put my skates on, I was relieved that, since I'd come at 2pm on a weekday, there was only two other people there to watch me fall. The first loop around the rink went by pretty slowly; I spent it trying to find my skating legs after years off the ice. As I was about to make the second loop, a fellow skater came up to me and gave a few tips. He helped me remember how to steady myself, which made the loops go by faster. However, my loops were still not as fast as the group of kids who arrived as I was making my way around the rink.
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A group of fearless younger kids suddenly took to the ice and flew by me, clearly with no worry that they were going to fall. Parents also went zipping by me as I clung to the wall. While the tips the other skater had given me made it easier, watching those kids made me want to spend even more time on the ice so I could skate like them. I'm proud to say, however, I did not fall once. I came close, but every time I was able to save myself. The rink became more and more populated with people over the course of the next hour. I was not the only one who wasn’t traveling far from the wall; other skaters were even more unsteady on the ice, but still clearly having fun. The children spinning and zooming around in circles on the rink were attracting onlookers. Chasing the shadow Chasing the Shadow, by Rob Weiher, from Flickr. After more than an hour of ice skating, my legs were sore and my feet were starting to cramp up. I decided to call it a day. As I was taking off my skates, I felt as if I accomplished a small workout without a tedious workout plan or treadmill. Overall, I thought Monterey came up with a brilliant idea to build a temporary ice skating rink with a view of the Bay. If you are seeking a fun, relaxed activity with the entire family, your significant other, or your friends, don't miss Ice Skating by the Bay.