The crowd chuckled when Javon Jackson came on stage, occasionally playing along with the jazz song on the PA system, and that was a harbinger of what was to come. Jackson tossed quips about as easily as he tossed out sax lines layered with an exuberant funk flavor - and Les McCann was more than happy to banter with him. The Nightclub Stage became a jazz/comedy venue on Sunday night during the Javon Jackson Band with Les McCann's show. Javon Jackson and Les McCann share a moment The numbers they played were incredibly fast, loose, and seemingly spontaneous. And so were the jokes, whether it was Jackson needling the audience after the first number by saying, "Well, now you can't say I didn't play some jazz," (which garnered big laughs) or McCann jesting about Jackson benefiting from nepotism on the part of Tim Jackson, the Monterey Jazz Festival's general manager. (The Jacksons are not related.) Javon Jackson While the two may be separated by 30 years of age, it's clear that musically and temperamentally, they understand each other on a very deep level. For more information on the Monterey Jazz Festival, see our Monterey Jazz Festival page. For coverage of the 2010 Monterey Jazz Festival, see all our Monterey Jazz Festival posts. For more photos from this and other performances at the Monterey Jazz Festival, see our 2010 Monterey Jazz Festival set on Flickr.