As a wedding officiant, I am honored to witness the joining together of two lives. One of the greatest things about weddings, is that everyone has their own unique love story. Some of my couples only knew each other for a few months before reciting their "I do's" while others have waited for many years to officially become spouses.

One couple in particular - let's call them "Margie" and "Dave" - had a particularly interesting set of events that led up to their wedding date. Back in the early '60's, at the age of 8, Dave would finish school and walk past Margie's home and often times, see her outside riding her bike or playing catch with her dad. As time went on, they became friends and during junior high, they started to date. By the time they were about to graduate from high school, Dave proposed. Both sets of parents were set against them getting married at such an early age - without any savings or a solid plan for the future. Feeling the pressure, they decided to break up and go their separate ways.

Over 30 years later, Dave, now a widower, logged in to his Facebook account and found Margie, also a widower. She accepted his "friend" request and after chatting online, they decided to meet in Monterey. He took her back to the house where she grew up and where he saw her for the first time. They toured their old school and went to the same beach where they would spend their summers flying kites, enjoying a picnic and watching the whales and dolphins swim by. It was as if time had stood still and they discovered that those strong feelings they used to have were still there.

A few months later, in a small ceremony in Pebble Beach, they were married. The personal vows they exchanged were the most beautiful, touching words and by the end of our time together, we were all laughing and crying. These two, long lost loves - given a second chance - had turned back the clock and found their one true love.