Saturday October 10, an amazing new exhibition from artist Mark Licari opens at the Monterey Museum of Art's La Mirada location. The exhibition will showcase Licari's paintings and sculptures, but the centerpiece is a site-specific work he created especially for this exhibition. The time-lapse video below shows Licari creating the piece, from blank wall to great art. Get a sneak preview tonight from 6-8pm! The sneak preview, with wine by Joullian, is free for members and $10 for non-members. Visit again on Saturday at 11:30am as Mark Licari divulges some of the secrets of his artistic process during a lecture and catalogue signing. The cost is $5 for members and $10 for non-members. The Pacific Street location isn't being left out! This Sunday, as part of Monterey History Fest, admission at the Monterey Museum of Art location on Pacific Street will be free to the public. The Monterey Museum of Art Pacific Street is located on the Path of History and directly across from Colton Hall. Make a visit to the Monterey Museum of Art part of your celebration of History Fest! Download our free Path of History audio walking tour here. Then listen to it as you walk the Path of History. Just press pause when you detour into the Monterey Museum of Art! And don't miss the re-enactment of the California Constitutional Convention at Colton Hall at 2pm. Stop by the Monterey Museum of Art again Thursday from 5pm to 7pm for Art After Hours, your once-a-month evening opportunity to enjoy fine art, fine wine, and fine food. Both free events will give you the chance to view the Made in Monterey exhibit, which chronicles the artistic history of the Monterey area, and MontereyNow: Kevin Miller which showcases Miller's quirky work with paper cutouts.