It's the day after the Concours d'Elegance. The auction cars have all gone back into their shrink-wrap, and residents are adjusting to seeing Honda Civics and Toyota Camrys on the street rather than Morgan Plus Eights and Ferraris. Concours-d-Lemons-2009-006 Concours d'LeMons Edsel by mycranium1 Best of Show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance was a 1937 Horch 853 Voll & Ruhrbeck Sport Cabriolet. And a Shelby Daytona Coupe sold for a hard-to-beat record of $7.25 million, the most a U.S. car has ever sold for at auction. For that price, you could buy 614.5 Toyota Yarises! (Not sure what you'd do with that half a Yaris; we're just sayin'.) Concorso-Italiano-2009-058 Concorso Italiano by mycranium1 This morning's big surprise news is that the Monterey Historics will now be produced by the Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula (SCRAMP). General Racing will help with the handoff during the races on August 13-15, 2010. Want to read coverage of all the events? The Car and Driver blog has delightfully acerbic commentary on the entire week. Autoblog thoroughly covered every event, from the Tour d'Elegance to the Concours d'LeMons, with gigantic photo galleries.