Big news in Monterey: the Royal Chapel of Monterey, the first architect-designed building in California, has been restored. During the restoration, workers found previously unknown frescoes and paintings on the walls. Read more in this San Francisco Chronicle article. Berberian made the following very cool video on a trip to Monterey. Check out what the area looks like in HD!
Monterey from Paul Berberian on Vimeo. If you ever wanted an itinerary for a wine tour of Monterey, has written a great one. (Or you can refer to the afternoon portion of Day Two of our Midweek Monterey Getaway itinerary, which was released in our most recent newsletter.) Take a look at photos from the Central Coast's Elegant Gothic Lolitas meetup at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (What's an Elegant Gothic Lolita? It's a fashion trend, started in Japan, that involves dressing up in stylized Victorian-influenced garb.) Matteoettam posted this breathtaking photo of Big Sur on Flickr. The Safari Press came to Big Sur for New Year's Eve and posted some great Polaroids of the adventure. Saya, meanwhile, posted fun Big Sur photos from Halloween, and Daryl L. Hunter posted a great shot of the beach at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Speaking of breathtaking photos, check out this great shot of Elkhorn Slough from Thephrog! The Uptake Restaurants Blog had very nice things to say about Pacific Grove's Fandango Restaurant.