Proving that not all great shows take place on the arena stage at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Global Noize is made up of six people you'd never expect to see in a band together. In a genre where bands pride themselves on their diverse make-ups, this really was off the charts. And every band member seemed to be having a great time. global-noize-02 Adam Deitch of Global Noize, by Mike Rainey The audience would be forgiven if they were a little skeptical of the band. Technical issues kept them from starting on time, and in between songs they'd chatter back and forth off-mike, as if they weren't sure what would come next. The occasional private joke would be heard over the sound system, after which keyboardist Jason Miles would invariably say, "Come by later after the show. We'll explain everything." Every piece they played, however, was top-notch, a combination of propulsive jazz, hip-hop working of sampling and turntable decks, and global elements including flute and soaring Middle Eastern vocals. It sounds like it could be an unpleasant hodge-podge, but in their hands it was exciting and memorable. The entire audience nodded along, and several slipped off to the sides to dance to lively numbers like "A Jam 4 Joe." global-noize-01 Falu and George Porter, Jr. of Global Noize, by Mike Rainey Note to Thievery Corporation: do your next tour with Global Noize. DJ Logic appears again from 7pm to 11pm Sunday night in the Lyons Lounge. For all our coverage of the Monterey Jazz Festival, see our Monterey Jazz Festival category.