A few days ago, the folks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium were kind enough to let us in to photograph their new white shark. While we were there, it seemed to be staying toward the bottom of the tank; it was much more easy to spot while on the lower level of the Outer Bay exhibit than the upper level. During our visit, we discovered that many visitors were confusing the Galapagos shark with the white shark. So you don't make the same mistake, here are some photos showing the difference.

White shark close-up
This is a white shark.

Not a white shark
This is not a white shark.

If you look closely, you'll see the Galapagos shark has a flatter head, and its jaw and nose have a gentle roundness. Also, its mouth is shut. The white shark practices something called ram ventilation, in which she ventilates her gills by holding her mouth open while swimming. It may take a few glances to differentiate them, but once you've gotten a good look at the white shark, you'll never again confuse it with the Galapagos shark. Here's a few more shots of the white shark in action.

White shark at Monterey Bay Aquarium White shark at Monterey Bay Aquarium White shark at Monterey Bay Aquarium

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