Photo by Infidelic

This Sunday, July 26, in what is an annual tradition, the streets of sleepy Moss Landing will turn into California's biggest open-air antique market. Hundreds of antique vendors set up their booths on the side of the road. Thousands of visitors browse the stalls, increasing Moss Landing's population to ten times its normal size. The finds at the Moss Landing Antique Street Fair can be amazing. Steve Wayne Yvaska of the Mercury News reports that one friend of his almost always finds a great Civil War artifact at the Fair.

Antique fans know to get an early start on a day of antiquing, and the Moss Landing Antique Street Fair plays to this with a big, public pancake breakfast at 7:30am, before the gates open at 8. More food is available at booths throughout the fair, including all the traditional (but not antique!) Moss Landing favorites such as calamari, fresh fish, deep-fried artichokes, and burritos. (If you're surprised that burritos are a Moss Landing favorite, you obviously haven't been to The Whole Enchilada!) Sunday, July 26, 8am-5pm, $5