The staff at the Monterey Bay Aquarium were kind enough to let us in to take a few photos of the new resident of the Outer Bay exhibit, a juvenile female great white shark. Digital cameras, as you may already know, are notoriously poor at taking photos in low light. Unless you've already purchased one of the new digital cameras detailed in David Pogue's New York Times article "Low Light Becomes a Highlight" (the Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR or the Sony DSC-WX1), you may have trouble getting a clear shot, for several reasons. The shark moves very quickly, so allowing the shutter to stay open a long time leads to blurring. (In addition, the auto-focus on your camera may be more focused on the bubble curtain that's been set up to prevent the shark from crashing into the glass wall.)

Great white shark at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Because it tends to stick to the top of the tank, you'll also get some unusual angles, like this one:

Great white shark in motion from below

Your best viewing point is from the second story viewing platform. However, bring a monopod, or you are more likely to get a great white blur than a great white shark, as shown here.

Great white shark from second floor viewing platform

You can also try setting it to a high shutter speed, but then you might get a photo like this:

Fast shutter speed of great white shark

This is, of course, something you can fiddle with in Photoshop to bring out the image. You might get a photo like this:

Great white or Nessie?

Could be a great white shark, could be Nessie. Your friends would just have to trust you on this one. This is clearer, and obviously a shark.

Exposure-corrected photo of great white shark

With many cameras, however, your best bet may be a silhouette of the great white shark against the daylight streaming through the top of the tank, such as this one.

Great white shark in motion from below

If you still have a film camera, bring it along as well as some high-speed film (Fujicolor 1600 may do the trick, and Kodak T-MAZ certainly will). Then share your awesome photos with us! Here's some great video, brought to you by the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Have some other tips on how to get a great photo of this great white shark? Leave us your advice in the comments! And if you still need to plan your visit to see the great white shark, check out our fantastic deals for hotels, attractions and more!