The Pacific Grove Butterfly Parade is one of the many traditions that lead people to call Pacific Grove "America's Last Hometown." It's so legendary in the area that there's actually a statue dedicated to it: Butterfly kids Butterfly kids by tsallam These two historic photos, from around 1947, show how far back the tradition goes. 1947 Butterfly Parade, Pacific Grove, California Dad & Karen Both photos from Briguy 75 Recently, historic footage of the Butterfly Parade has turned up on YouTube. Step in a time machine back to 1976, full of butterflies, majorettes, marching bands and the occasional UFO costume. (Longtime Pagrovians may even spot themselves in this film!) This film, from 1977, shows a number of robot costumes, in keeping with the release of Star Wars that summer. In this video from 2009, you'll see that even though the big floats have gone away, the cute children, marching bands and small-town feel have stayed the same. This year's Butterfly Parade takes place on October 2. Don't miss this slice of Americana walking down "Main Street, U.S.A."!