What classic TV game show can you play with your family and friends? If you guessed "what is Monterey County Jeopardy" then you are on the board! Test your local knowledge in categories such as history, golf and the ocean with this fun online version of the game.


Play on Your Own

Step 1: Click Here to Play 

Yep, it's that simple.

Step 2: Have fun

You're the star of your own game show now and although we don't advise cheating, if you look up an answer no one will ever have to know.


Play with Friends

Step 1: Gather your contestants

You can have up to 10 teams compete.

Step 2: Share the link

Share this link so that everyone can join on their own computers.

Step 3: Gather virtually

Use your preferred format, whether that be video conferencing, FaceTime, or a phone call.

Step 4: Select the number of participants

You will choose the number in a drop-down and then click Continue to start the game.

Step 5: Keep score

Use the plus and minus buttons to keep score.

Step 6: Have fun

Because that's the reason we made the game!