The game Fabulous Finds was released last week. In the game, your great-aunt Beatrice has left you her lovely Carmel house. But you have no money to decorate, so it's time for a yard sale! Find hidden treasures and match visitors up with vendors. We haven't played the game, so we can't say if it's fun or not, but the screen shots certainly evoke Carmel! Speaking of evoking the area, Carol Patterson posted a number of evocative pictures of Monterey and Pacific Grove in her blog. The Boston City Guide Examiner is running a five-part series on winemaking in Carmel. Here's part one, and here's part two. The San Francisco Chronicle wrote a great article about the joys of January in Pacific Grove. Why now? The Monarch Butterflies are in town! We have some tips on how best to check them out. A member of our Flickr group posted a great photo of the Monarchs, up close and personal.