Let’s face it - sometimes Valentines Day is simply a drag. The last minute gift buying, the hastily written card. The anticipation that this years gift may not be as well received as the year previous. Frankly, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love - not a lesson in how quickly you can find the right gift after work on the 13th or book a table at the nicest restaurant before they sell out. Stress is NOT good for a relationship, right? Take a breath from the your typical day-to-day routine and take a little getaway to the Monterey Peninsula. Stay with me on this one. Imagine booking a nice hotel room (at a discounted rate) along with a variety of romantic, fun activities on our site at www.seemonterey.com. Boom. Done. Itinerary set. You have a plan of action. Wake up on Tuesday morning. “Sorry hunny. No work for either of us today. We’re going on a trip.” Bags packed. Car pulling out of the driveway. Driving up/down the scenic California Coast. Surprise! Check in to your hotel/inn/bed and breakfast. Relax with a glass of wine. Stare out at the ocean/forest/golf course. No work. No cell phones. No mail. Just fun. Just you - the two of you. Kayak. Wine Tasting. Hiking. Biking. Sunset Beach Fire. Dinner at one of over a hundred top notch restaurants. Or order in and enjoy room service. Stay out late. Get up late. February 15th - back to reality. Or.......stay another night and do it all over again. After all, if we spend so much time managing our work/kids/finances, shouldn’t we pay attention to our relationships just as much? February 14th. Valentines Day. Monterey County. Romance is around every corner. About Brian Borgia Brian Borgia has been the “king of romance” since college, when he constructed a fake beach on the balcony of his apartment to impress a date. Brian and his wife Heidi founded Romantic Room Designs in 2006, and now create romantic settings and experiences for couples visiting the area. Learn more about their business and book your own romantic experience at romanticroomdesigns.com.