Big Sur's Mud Run took place for the fifth time on Saturday, March 27 at California State University Monterey Bay. Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau staff member Kimberly Jenkins put together a team and got down and dirty with the rest of the racers. "It definitely didn't seem like five miles," she said. At every wall or other obstacle, people would wait for the team in front of them to go, so "at every mud pit you would feel energized and rested and ready to go again." The mud pits after each obstacle were tough at first, she said. "It was a shock with the cold water and mud," she said, "but it was such a rush to come out of the mud pits and run up the hill." The race wasn't just for the young, either. "There were a lot of women in their 50s and 60s running," she said. "It was such a motivator to see them do it. I hope when I'm their age I'm out there running like that." "It was a blast!" she said with a big grin. "For anyone who likes running and doesn't mind getting down and dirty I'd definitely suggest it." She brought back a great set of photos. Fox Force Five team Kimberly's team, Fox Force Five. Pushups before the Big Sur Mud Run Drill sergeants ordered participants to do push-ups before the race began. Photo courtesy Tyler Crocker. The Big Sur Mud Run begins The race begins. Photo courtesy Tyler Crocker. Racers slog through the mud Racers slog through the mud. Down and dirty at the Big Sur Mud Run Photo courtesy Tyler Crocker. James Patrick O'Brien James Patrick O'Brien does mud runs throughout the country in a suit. Dirty tutus Post-mud tutus. Coming over the hill Kimberly Jenkins (right) and friend hurdle the final hill at the Big Sur Mud Run. Fox Force Five after the race The team after the race (but before the showers). To see many more photos, click here to view the entire set on Flickr.