The West Virginia Gazette has a great write-up of a San Francisco to Monterey itinerary. How about that weather? Monterey is hitting record high temperatures this week, turning April into an unexpectedly perfect time for splish-splashing at the beach. Make sure to head to the coast today; tomorrow is expected to drop to more traditional temperatures for this time of the year. Check out our information on Monterey's beaches to discover the best place to go wading. The Henry Miller Library in Big Sur has an amazing schedule coming up for May, including a book signing with author Robert Greenfield on Sunday May 24th, an all-night ambient music event on Thursday May 28, and the "Where is Big Sur" event on Saturday May 30. Did you miss Pebble Beach Food and Wine? There's plenty of online coverage to give you a taste of the experience. The blog Chowza has a journalist's point of view on Pebble Beach Food and Wine, including detailed coverage of opening night and video from the Cristal dinner. Bay Area Foodie has a long and enthusiastic post about the Vérité wine tasting, and Food Wishes has a detailed write-up of the Lexus Grand Tasting. Holly Hadsell-El Hajji has many candid photos of the celebrity chefs. If you'd rather look at the food than the chefs, here's Food Wishes' video of the Grand Tasting.
Pebble Beach Food and Wine from Foodwishes on Vimeo.