Today we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the Open Sea Galleries (formerly the Outer Bay Galleries) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Jellies The Jellies exhibit still remains as the opening event of the Open Sea, and is just as beautiful as ever. Now, however, it leads into a new and improved section on even smaller denizens of the sea. Jellies Plankton may be tiny, but they're very important to the ocean. These displays bring home their importance while continuing the sense of mystic wonder that began with the jellies tanks. As visitors depart these galleries, they suddenly enter a giant room with a towering, two-story ceiling and gigantic tank. Once called "The Outer Bay," this one-of-a-kind exhibit is now called "The Open Sea." The big tank at The Open Sea Visitors oohed and aahed as they watched silvery schools of sea life swim by. Giant sea turtles slowly glided through the water, and sharks could be seen darting through as well. The music reinforces the magical and meditative feeling of The Open Sea. The walking path now leads to another set of more brightly lit exhibits; the sprightly music is a perfect match with the playful animals. Sea turtles at The Open Sea Two sea turtles swam back and forth in a large tank. From the way they looked through the glass, they seemed just as intrigued by the visitors as visitors were by them! The brightly colored puffins, a new addition to these galleries, swam and darted through the water in the next room. They're like penguins with an extra tablespoon of cartoony cuteness mixed in. Parents, know this now: you'll have one heck of a time dragging your kids away from these adorable birds. Get a taste of the Open Sea Galleries, including a surprise puffin feeding, with this short video: The Open Sea Galleries officially opens to the public on Saturday, July 2. Book your Monterey Bay Aquarium package now! Are you going to visit? What are you most looking forward to seeing?