Whether you live in Monterey County or not, the Captain’s Inn in Moss Landing is the place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and simply unwind.

Captain's Inn

Looking to do just that I headed for the peaceful hideaway just a short 15 minute drive from Monterey on Highway One. The cozy blue B&B is conveniently nestled in the charming fishing village of Moss Landing- known for the Elkhorn Slough, Salinas River State Beach and lots of sea otters.

Captain's Inn

I immediately started to unplug as soon as I arrived at the 10-room bed and breakfast. The friendly innkeeper quickly checked me in and gave me the run-down on the property and its amenities. The kitchen and dining room are open to hotel guests 24/7 and is fully stocked with coffee, tea and fruit.

Living Room at Captain's Inn

After a quick tour of the property I was shown to my upstairs room in the boat house, just behind the main building.

Captain's Inn

The “High Seas” room was exactly what I was looking for, waterfront views, a luxurious bathtub, roaring fireplace and a cozy bed. The nautical theme and décor fit perfectly with Moss Landing’s abundant water adventures.

Captain's Inn Captain's Inn Captain's Inn

Looking for a little adventure myself, I ventured off to explore Moss Landing’s unique offerings. Just down the main road are several antique shops, gift shops and a unique art gallery at the Haute Enchilada.

Moss Landing

On the way to the beach I crossed the bridge near the Moss Landing Harbor where several sea otters had culminated which is pretty common in the safe and sound waters of the harbor and the nearby Elkhorn Slough. For a closer view into the slough check out the Elkhorn Slough Safari or a guided kayak tour.

Moss Landing Harbor Elkhorn Slough Safari

Just across the way is Salinas River State Beach which is one of my favorites. The expansive white sandy beach is a beautiful place to watch the crashing waves, enjoy a stunning sunset or set up shop for a relaxing picnic. For those looking for a real adventure scope out the epic stretch of coastline on horseback!

Salinas River State Beach in Moss Landing

After a quick stroll on the beach I headed back to my room with a view and watched the sun set from the cozy comforts of my hot tub overlooking the waterfront, talk about relaxing!

New to the Captain’s Inn are their Tuesday and Saturday dinners featuring various foodie themes and local wineries. Tonight I was in luck since it was Spanish night featuring tapas and a seafood paella. Knowing that dinner was just down the stairs was an added bonus, no designated driver needed!

For dinner, the breakfast room was transformed into an intimate dining space complete with candlelight and a selection of local wines to start off the night while meeting new faces around the dinner table.

Saturday Dinner at Captain's Inn

Italian born chef Alessio Casagrande started the night off with a plethora of Spanish tapas including prawns with garlic, Spanish styled cured ham and a Spanish potato tart.

Chef Alessio Casagrande at Captain's Inn Tapas during Saturday Dinner at Captain's Inn

The tapas alone could have served as an entire meal but the seafood paella was the main attraction. A generous amount of scallops, mussels, prawns and clams were piled on a luscious bed of saffron rice and fresh fire roasted tomatoes. The authentic flavors were spot on with the paella I have been hunting for ever since my time spent in Madrid a few years ago.

Paella during Saturday Dinner at Captain's Inn

At this point I was stuffed but just had to indulge in a piece of the chef’s Spanish apple pie. Luckily, I was just a few steps away from my luxurious bed for an incredible night’s sleep.

Chef Alessio Casagrande at Captain's Inn

Before checking out and going back to reality I enjoyed the B&B’s complimentary breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, fresh fruit and sausage- not a bad way to wrap up an incredible staycation in my own backyard!

Breakfast at the Captain's Inn Breakfast at the Captain's Inn