The annual Triathlon at Pacific Grove is one of several athletic events that takes advantage of the beautiful scenery along the Monterey County Coastline. The combination of mild weather, the almost still water by Lovers Point and a gently rolling course make the sprint triathlon, raced on Sunday, a perfect event for first-timers, as well as for experienced triathletes looking for an enjoyable course. Congratulations to the winners, Scott Kolofer of Salinas and Rae Finchamp of Altadena! Did you compete in the Triathlon at Pacific Grove? Tell us about it in the comments! Swimmers in the water Triathletes swim laps at Lovers Point. These triathletes wear black caps, which means they are women over 40. Each group wears a different color of cap. Swimmers exit the water A woman in the 30-39 group (green cap) and a woman in the 13-29 group (yellow cap) exit the water. Racing toward transition Triathletes shed their wetsuits as they race toward the bike transition area. The unacknowledged fourth event in a triathlon is "changing clothes and gear at high speed." Transition speed from one event to the next can make or break a triathlete's overall time. Biking Triathletes race along Pacific Grove's Ocean View Boulevard. Go Laura! Spectators cheer on triathletes and keep a lookout for their friends. Fans cheer a friend Some spectators went all-out, wearing funny costumes in order to cheer on competitors. Transition starts before biking ends This elite triathlete is stripping off his shoes, over 100 yards from the transition point. Note that he's already removed his left shoe, and is in the act of stripping off the right shoe as he pedals. Triathletes of all ages Triathletes of all ages competed in this event. The youngest triathlete in the Triathlon at Pacific Grove was 10 years old. One twelve-year-old triathlete, Nye Avilla, came in third in the womens division. Running Runners use their last bit of energy to race toward the finish line. One triathlete said, "I run the first half-mile out and the last half-mile back. The rest is between me and the course." One triathlete runs another in The triathlete in the pink shirt ran back after finishing to encourage the blond triathlete to her right and accompany her to the finish line. Two happy finishers Triathletes Samantha Merritt of San Francisco and Mary Miratrix of Berkeley celebrate their completion of the 2010 Triathlon at Pacific Grove. For more photos of the Triathlon at Pacific Grove, see our Triathlon at Pacific Grove set on Flickr. If you competed, you might even see yourself!