All the members of the LeBoeuf Brothers, a saxophone quintet, endow their playing with a lyrical quality that creates a sense of intimacy even in the furthest reaches of a space the size of the overflowing Garden Stage area. The Le Boeuf Brothers Though the band members may look young, the introduction spoke to the depth and range of projects each member is involved in. This highlighted an aspect of the Monterey Jazz Festival that is especially unique: all these jazz artists are deeply interlinked, with far fewer than six degrees of separation. The boundaries in jazz are far more permeable than those in rock; jazz is a collaborative form that encourages artists to seek out opportunities to play with as diverse a range of other musicians as possible. The Le Boeuf Brothers The LeBoeuf Brothers' set was energetic and intense but also inviting; the laid-back audience was quiet but fully engaged. Though they're known for music that integrates elements of hip hop and electronica, their set at the Monterey Jazz Festival stuck to textured, straight-ahead jazz. For more information on the Monterey Jazz Festival, see our Monterey Jazz Festival page. For coverage of the 2010 Monterey Jazz Festival, see all our Monterey Jazz Festival posts. For more photos from this and other performances at the Monterey Jazz Festival, see our 2010 Monterey Jazz Festival set on Flickr.