8 of the World's Most Spectacular Bridges Can you guess which Monterey County bridge was named #2? Hint: it was built in 1932 and is only 714 feet long. Big Sur Beauty Take a photo tour of Big Sur and see why Diane was "shocked" that it took her three years to uncover this California gem. Her photos capture everything from Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park's massive redwoods down to a friendly banana slug. Worth the Drive: Jellies Galore Although everyone is still trying to get over the recent loss of beloved Toola the Sea Otter, people are gearing up for the latest and greatest exhibit opening at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Jellies Experience will open March 31st, just in time for your family's spring break! Girls only: Great places for women leaving the men behind In need of a girlfriends getaway? The Chicago Tribune chose Monterey as one of the best places in the country to reconnect with your female friends! Reincarnation: What to Expect at Pebble Beach See why car enthusiasts are counting down to Pebble Beach's Concours d'Elegance which is still five months away! The entire week leading up to the event is also packed with smaller classic car displays, races and auctions. Race Desintation: Big Sur Mud Run Most seasoned runners are well aware of the Big Sur International Marathon but one of the lesser known sister challenges is the Big Sur Mud Run, which actually occurs in Seaside, CA. Learn more about this down and dirty race taking place March 24th! Big Sur Day Pass With no snow what is a boarder to do? Check out how these creative guys made do with their skateboards around the rugged parts of Big Sur!

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