Weekend Crab and Artichoke Bisque Monterey County is certainly known for its fresh seafood and abundance of artichokes. Check out some of these recipes using two local popular ingredients. California Central Coast - One of the most beautiful scenic roads on the planet! If the title doesn't sum it up I don't know what does. Movable Monterey Feast The Weekend Sherpa rounded up three spectacular Monterey County hikes perfectly paired with a delectable dining option for each. Perfect itinerary ideas! Pacific Grove man wins Big Sur International Marathon Congratulations to Pacific Grove local Adam Roach! He successfully completed the 26.2 mile marathon in 2:22:30. All of his training on local trails must have paid off. Big Sur Marathon Read about "Runaway Bridal Planner's" experience during the Big Sur Marathon. Were the stunning views worth the 26.2 mile run? California's Top 5 Secret Weekend Escapes Lonely Planet rounded up 5 great weekend escapes and three destinations in Monterey County snagged spots! Read on to find out which destinations were pick. Visiting John Steinbeck in Monterey, CA Experience John Steinbeck's novels with a tour through Monterey County. This is Monterey County: Sand, Sea & Artichokes Did you know that Monterey County produces 75% of the United States' artichokes? There is even an entire festival dedicated to the thorny thistle. Tweet of the Week tweet2 12/04