Once again, it's a busy weekend in Monterey County, with activities happening in every corner. Here's our top picks. All Weekend Are you suddenly surrounded by frighteningly fit people? It may be due to this weekend's Avia Wildflower Triathlons. No, the "Triathlons" is not a typo. At Lake San Antonio, Wildflower's been called the "Woodstock of triathlons." The event is attended by thousands of people. It's a weekend-long camp-out and party interrupted by some fiendishly difficult athletic events. There's also plenty of food and a sports expo. Is the latest news making you feel uncertain about your future? The ROTA Psychic Fair at the Monterey County Fairgrounds hosts 35 psychics, as well as lectures on New Age topics. New Age accessories are for sale. 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday. $7 for admission, and $20 for a reading to learn what lies in store. Friday It's time for the Salinas First Fridays Art Walk. Over 50 venues in Oldtown Salinas will host art, live music, book readings and more! Head to the 100-300 blocks of Main Street and follow the balloons. 5pm to 8pm. Learn about recent discoveries on Mars and take a peek through the MIRA Student Observatory Telescope at the Discoveries on Mars talk at the Richard Hamming Astronomy Center in Marina. 7:30pm to 9:30pm. $11 each, or $33 for groups of 4. Register online through the Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District. Saturday Help out our four-legged friends by participating in the SPCA's 14th Annual Wag 'n Walk. The walk begins at Shoreline Park near the entrance to the Coast Guard Pier, and there are two and four mile walks. 8:30am-12:30pm. MacGyver could build a bonfire out in the woods using only a match and the items he found in the forest (and possibly a chewing-gum wrapper). The "Get Fired Up" class at Garland Ranch Regional Park Museum will show you how to do it, too. Part 1 is 10am to 12:30pm; part 2, learning how to keep it going, is from 1pm to 3:30pm. $17 each, or $28 for both. Register online through the MPRPD. Parents and young children can bond at Sing into Spring at the Garland Ranch Regional Park visitors center. Learn about nature while singing and moving in rhythm. 10am to 11am. $6 each or $18 for a family of four. Register online through the MPRPD. Learn tips, tricks and techniques on painting outdoors at the Garland Ranch Regional Park visitors center. 11am to 2pm, $22. Register online through the MPRPD. The River Road Wine Trail hosts its 15th annual SpringFest. Taste new releases and barrel samples; wineries along the route will have food and entertainment. 11am to 4pm. Sunday Head to Point Sur Lighthouse to check out two great things you never thought would be in the same sentence: wildflowers and migrating whales. The tour runs from 11am to 3pm, but get there early because it's first-come, first-served. $20. MacGyver probably wouldn't even need a match to build a fire in the woods; he'd just use the power of friction. Learn how at Get Fired Up III at the Garland Ranch Regional Park Museum. You'll construct a fire-making kit that you can take home with you. 12:30pm to 3:30pm, $22. Register online through the MPRPD. The Tor House Garden Party is your only chance during the year to take photos of the building that poet Robinson Jeffers built by hand. They'll also have tours and refreshments, and a raffle with chances to win art, rare books and more. 2pm to 5pm. $15, $10 for seniors. As always, there's way more happening this weekend than we can cover in a blog post. Visit the Monterey County Weekly's online calendar for even more things to do.