7/12 Highlights
In July the MCCVB launched two ticket giveaways on Facebook for the Winemakers' Celebration (August 11) and Art in the Adobes (September 13-16). The contests came to an end the first week in August.

In early August the MCCVB launched two ticket giveaways on SeeMonterey.com to the Monterey Jazz Festival (September 21-23) and the BLUE Ocean Festival (September 24-30). Both contests were featured in the Visitor eNewsletter and will end September 4th. The MCCVB also ran a ticket contest to the Monterey County Fair (August 29-September 3) through BlogMonterey.com. The contest asked participants to enter by answering "What is your favorite thing about the Monterey County Fair?" A winner was chosen on August 28th.

The MCCVB just launched a new tool for members to submit specials and deals on SeeMonterey.com. This new feature will allow visitors to access deals and special offers posted by members and download coupons to be redeemed at your business. These coupons will be featured on your business listing detail page, as well as the specials pagehttp://www.seemonterey.com/special-offers/.  If your business is currently offering any specials or promotions please click here to review the instruction manual to begin submitting.

Up and Coming 
The SeeMonterey.com mobile site will launch early Fall.

Cooperative marketing opportunities will be made available to members in Fall.

Opportunities to get involved
If you would like to be party of a visitor contest/giveaway (event tickets, room nights, etc.) please contact Allyson, Allyson@seemonterey.com.

Get noticed in our monthly visitor newsletter! The eNewsletter is distributed to over 20,000 potential visitors and ads are available for $250 and $500. For more information contact Allyson,Allyson@seemonterey.com.



July 2012 Highlights

  • 18,470 visitors came into the El Estero Visitor Center in July - a 15.22% increase over July 2011
  • Busiest day was Wednesday July 4th - 760 visitors came into the El Estero Visitor Center
  • 1,091 phone calls where made in the lodging Room to make reservations
  • 1,288 Travel Guides were requested and mailed to potential visitors

Up and Coming

If you don't already have your brochures at the visitor center, bring them.  Lodging members - Let us help fill your rooms. Send in the Room Availability Fax Form to 648-5364.  If you don't have the fax form call Donna at 657-6427.

Come Visit

The El Estero Visitor Center at 401 Camino El Estero has a fresh new look.  The City of Monterey has revamped the landscaping with summer flowers, evergreens, and in back a beautiful garden setting for visitors to unwind from their long drive. Sit and enjoy the view of El Estero Lake and watch the children playing at the Dennis the Menace playground in the background.



July/August 2012 Highlights 
-Hosted seven journalists from key markets to produce coverage of Monterey County

  • July 16-18, Joe Yogerst from National Geographic Traveler Guide
  • July 30-Aug 1, Ulf Lippitz from www.zeit.de
  • Aug 5-7, Katy Kelly from offMetro San Francisco
  • Aug 6-8, Mark Owen from SportsNetwork.com
  • Aug 14-15, Robert Prazak from WIENER magazine/All4Family magazine
  • Aug 21-22, Kyle Moore from JohnnyJet.com
  • Aug 22-25, Gillian Flynn from Riviera Magazine- San Diego, Los Angeles, OC

-Assisted 95 journalists (July)

-Total Impressions: 167,882,375 (July)

Up and Coming 
A writer from Golf Monthly UK http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/ will be visiting Monterey County next month to work on a golf travel feature.  Golf Monthly has 105,000 unique users a month that results in 1.3 million page views.  

Opportunities to get involved
We are currently working on press materials that will feature what's new and unique in Monterey County this Fall and Winter.   Please send any exciting updates about your business to Colleen,Colleen@seemonterey.com

Upcoming Media Opportunities 
The communications team has the following media opportunities coming up!  For more information please email Colleen at Colleen@seemonterey.com

September 24-27 
Charlie Jung
Outlet:  Korean Travel Book on California
Focus:  Big Sur-Carmel-Pebble Beach-Monterey activities, dining, wine, etc.
Circulation:  20K copies/year for a high end audience
Need:  1 room, split between jurisdictions each night

October 5-9
Michele Bigley and production crew
Outlet:  Live Well Network: shooting pilot series
Focus:  Family Fun on the Monterey Peninsula
Circulation:  200K+
Need:  3 rooms, willing to split between properties- activities - kid friendly dining


October 9-11
Heather Evans
Outlet:  Huntington Beach, Orange, Newport Mesa, and South County Magazines
Focus:  Monterey Peninsula Weekender
Circulation:  200K
Need:  1 room, split between jurisdictions



MCCVB Group Sales Team

The MCCVB Sales Department has four sales executives, two sales contractors, two sales coordinators, and one destination services specialist. Here are the locations & the markets each of them are responsible for:

Monterey County Wave Street office:

Sales Executives

  • Cree Crawford develops the amateur sports and packaged travel/leisure areas in both domestic and international markets cree@seemonterey.com
  • Lauren Siring develops large meetings in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramentolauren@seemonterey.com
  • Jerry Diaz develops meetings & events market for <150 peak rooms in the Pacific Northwest & Upper Midwest and <30 peak rooms in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento jerry@seemonterey.com

Sales Coordinators

  • Stephanie Calica and Morgan Liu support the sales executives & other sales activities

Destination Services

  • Soon to be filled, this position works with meeting planners to enhance the destination value proposition, increase attendance, design programs to encourage delegates to stay longer and travel the region

Director of Sales

  • Charlie Spiegel works to ensure our sales team delivers the best value possible to our community, and oversees all group sales and services as well as our membership department

Southern California office:

  • John Ehlenfeldt works to develop the Midwest, Southwest, Arizona and Incentive markets

Sales Contractors:

  • Howard Munves develops business opportunities in DC, VA, MD, Chicago & the Northeast
  • Mark Feldman develops business opportunities in the Pacific Northwest & Upper Midwest



July 2012 Highlights
The Sales team started the year strong with the following numbers:

  • 46 Leads
  • 15,910 lead room nights
  • 4,524 Definite rooms

August Trade Shows:

  • ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo, Dallas, TX, August 10-14
  • Connect Marketplace, New Orleans, LA, August 16-19
  • Site Classic, Aspen, CO August 26-29

Up & Coming 
The MCCVB will be attending the following trade shows in September & October


  • Site Classic, Beijing, China, September 14-17


  • Teams Sports Conference, Detroit, MI, October 1-5
  • IMEX America, Las Vegas, October 8-12


  • The MCCVB Sales Team is finalizing the dates for our 2012 Client Events and our members will have opportunities to attend. The complete list of these dates will be provided within the next couple of weeks
  • If you haven't signed up to attend IMEX America, which will be in Las Vegas October 8-12, please contact Stephanie Calica at 831-657-6416stephanie@seemonterey.com by end of business September 4, 2012


  • Eleven new members joined the MCCVB July 1-August 24
  • The MCCVB has started regional staff destination FAM trips so our team can be familiar with all the activities that customers, guests and visitors can experience during their visit to Monterey County. Special thanks to Moe Ammar for organizing our first outing in Pacific Grove on August 21!
  • The Membership Department will soon launch quarterly member orientations. Stay tuned for the where & when!

A warm welcome to new Members of the MCCVB!

400° Gourmet Burgers & Fries/ Carmel
Hidden Valley Music Seminar/Carmel
Carmel Treasure Maps/Carmel
California Wine Festival/Monterey     
Wecker Design Group/Monterey
Disaster Kleenup Specialists/Sand City (serving Tri-County)
Cibo Ristorante Italiano/Monterey
Blue Ocean Film Festival/Monterey
Manzoni Cellars Winery & Tasting Room/ Carmel
Tudor Wines/Carmel
Big Sur Coast Gallery/Hwy 1-Big Sur (also in the Hana Hotel-Maui)

Make your Membership work more effectively for your business. Add services or upgrade to a level more suited to your needs. Contact David Marzetti at 831-657-6418, or david@seemonterey.com



The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) is a leading annual conference bringing together tourism industry leaders from over 30 countries. In partnership with Visit California, Monterey County is hosting the conference this year from Sept 17-19. Our destination is a shining example for sustainable tourism, and the International Ecotourism Society would love local support. 

Top 5 Reasons to Register for ESTC12 

1) Connect with Your Visit CA Reps: The ESTC12 provides a unique opportunity for California businesses to develop and strengthen their relationships with Visit California, whose representatives will be there to meet with individuals throughout the conference.
2) Meet the Media: At the ESTC12, you can be part of the special media event, MEET THE MEDIA, to practice your "elevator pitch" and to gain an insight into how to successfully pitch your stories to media like National Geographic. 
3) THE Industry Meeting Place: The ESTC, organized by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) in partnerships with local and global industry leaders, is one of its kind, offering unparalleled opportunities for professional networking and relationship building.
4) Best Practices, Innovative Solutions, Latest Trends: Don't miss the chance to be among some of the world's foremost experts in sustainable tourism, and to gain practical knowledge and valuable lessons first-hand from pioneers of our industry.
5) Keep in Touch with the ESTC-EXCHANGE: Maximize your ESTC experience by connecting with fellow industry professionals online - before, during and after the ESTC! All ESTC12 attendees will have free access to TIES-EXCHANGE, the global social networking platform for industry professionals.

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